When I put on my first pair of loupes made by Peter over twenty years ago, they were perfect. Peter personally made sure that was going to be the case. The attention to detail was impeccable. The excellent service continues. Needing further magnification in my operating field, I had no hesitation to fly 7000 miles to come to Peter for my loupes. He is the best in the business and I strongly recommend him.

- D Mok

With his background as an optician, Peter Varnes provides the very best of a traditional professional service in all aspects. As a trainee cardiac surgeon, I found the GTX loupes at x2 or x2.5 magnification to be a fantastic option at a reasonable price. They may be used as a stepping stone to higher powered loupes at a more advanced stage of training, once the user is comfortable with and proficient in their use. Peter is most attentive to a very personal level of service, even travelling to meet his customers! Can't recommend him enough. Daniel Robb, SpR South Thames

- D Robb

Peter Varnes provided me with some quality affordable Zeiss Loupes a year ago and they have been an invaluable tool. His after care service was superb also and the adjustments he made have practically eliminated all my postural headaches and back aches and pains. I would recommend Peter to all my colleagues.

- Dr P Sandhu

I find Zeiss loops as my right hand in the surgery. Since I started using them, I find it impossible to work without them. The detail makes the difference in dental practice and Zeiss loops enhances high clinical performance.

- M Arzoumanidi, DDS, MClindent

Peter Varnes has looked after my magnification needs for more years than I remember. The advice, care and service he has given me has been superb. Each scope has its particular purpose; the magnification and the working distances with the bifocals had been worked out with extreme care. The Zeiss K loupes and the Saphiro LED light are a perfect match. The products are first class and when it comes to my eyes I will not compromise. Nothing is too much trouble for Peter. I cannot contemplate that I will ever look for anyone else to look after my magnification needs.

- Peter Kertesz, London