“Peter Varne helped choose the best loupes for me. Zeiss optics boast amazing clarity and I strongly recommend them. Anyone considering their first set of loupes, take your time to explore the market and please approach Peter. He kindly offered me a demo set and went out his way to travel up to Yorkshire to measure me up in my dental practice. From my research I feel his Loupes are very reasonably priced and the quality speaks for itself.”

Mohammad Ghafraan Hussain

“A fantastic pair of loupes, which was only matched by the service Peter offers. Having trialled a number of loupes from other manufacturers it was evident to me that this product was superior. Could not recommend highly enough to anyone who is considering buying a new pair of loupes. Thanks again for everything.”


“I would like to thank you for all your support, patience during loupe trials and customer care provided in choosing the loupes, prescription lenses and advice given. The loupes are fantastic and work very well,lenses were made according to my eye measurments, the lupes are easy to adjust and the Zeiss magnification and vision clarity is without rival. I would like to higly recommend Peter Varnes for his excellent service in the field of Zeiss magnification loupes and prescription lenses.”

Dr.Sebastian Deme , Plastic surgery doctor

“Having tried a much cheaper pair of loupes from another company and being dissatisfied with the quality I came across Peter by chance. The Zeiss loupes he demonstrated are the biggest game changer in my 20 year GDP career. The product is far superior in every aspect when I compared and tested them with other makes. I was a little apprehensive about the loupes as I wear spectacles however Peter allayed all those apprehensions. He has a wealth of knowledge as an optician and his after care and personal service is exceptional. It's impossible to work without my Zeiss loupes.”

Raminder Bevan

“Peter came to my practice to demonstrate his Zeiss Loupes. He was thoroughly professional, explained everything clearly and left my to make my own decision without selling too hard. I then visited other companies who pushed sales harder with a less superior product. As an optician, Peter emphasised the quality of the loupe and this is what sold it to me. He kindly let me trial a pair for a week and I was instantly sold. His prices are unrivalled and as a young dentist I thoroughly recomend his services for years to come.”

Dr S Oberai

“I would like to thank you for the Loupes that you have provided. They are fantastic! The best part is that, the loupes were made according to my eye measurements and fit perfectly well. I don't have to do any fidgeting around before the surgery. The magnified views are great and clear. Besides the loupes have improved my confidence while performing hand surgery. Thanks a lot, Karthik.”

Mr. Karthik Karuppaiah MRCSEd, MS (Ortho), MSc (Evidence Based Orthopaedics), MCh (Orthopaedics), FRCS (T&O), Consultant Upper Limb Surgeon (Locum). King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill London, SE5 9RS.

“Having used a Zeiss microscope in the first instance and now Zeiss loupes, I find high quality magnification to be an indispensable aid to clinical diagnostic and operative procedures. Peter no doubt uses his background as an optician in a most efficient way and offers a highly personalised service with great attention to the individual's needs and preferences. I can confirm that using Zeiss loupes enhances my work on a daily basis to the point of now considering 2.5 magnification as the standard of care in dentistry.”
Stella Kourkouta, DipDS MMedSci FDSRCS MRDRCS FDS(RestDent)RCS Eng

Specialist in Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics

“Yes Peter, they really are brilliant the magnification and clarity are absolutely perfect , also the prescription and positioning of the loupes in the carrier lens and the declination are absolutely spot on so I don't really feel any eye strain or operator fatigue  and now use them for absolutely all my operating Yes Peter, they really are brilliant the magnification and clarity are absolutely perfect , also the prescription and positioning of the loupes in the carrier lens and the declination are absolutely spot on so I don't really feel any eye strain or operator fatigue  and now use them for absolutely all my operating. Please feel free to use my statement in your testimonial.
Marnie is also very happy with her loupes , too bad I missed out on those new sports frames!”

A Pinto

“When I put on my first pair of loupes made by Peter over twenty years ago, they were perfect. Peter personally made sure that was going to be the case. The attention to detail was impeccable. The excellent service continues. Needing further magnification in my operating field, I had no hesitation to fly 7000 miles to come to Peter for my loupes. He is the best in the business and I strongly recommend him.”

D Mok

“With his background as an optician, Peter Varnes provides the very best of a traditional professional service in all aspects. As a trainee cardiac surgeon, I found the GTX loupes at x2 or x2.5 magnification to be a fantastic option at a reasonable price. They may be used as a stepping stone to higher powered loupes at a more advanced stage of training, once the user is comfortable with and proficient in their use. Peter is most attentive to a very personal level of service, even travelling to meet his customers! Can't recommend him enough. Daniel Robb, SpR South Thames”

D Robb

“Peter Varnes provided me with some quality affordable Zeiss Loupes a year ago and they have been an invaluable tool. His after care service was superb also and the adjustments he made have practically eliminated all my postural headaches and back aches and pains. I would recommend Peter to all my colleagues.”

Dr P Sandhu

“I find Zeiss loops as my right hand in the surgery. Since I started using them, I find it impossible to work without them. The detail makes the difference in dental practice and Zeiss loops enhances high clinical performance.”

M Arzoumanidi, DDS, MClindent

“Peter Varnes has looked after my magnification needs for more years than I remember. The advice, care and service he has given me has been superb. Each scope has its particular purpose; the magnification and the working distances with the bifocals had been worked out with extreme care. The Zeiss K loupes and the Saphiro LED light are a perfect match. The products are first class and when it comes to my eyes I will not compromise. Nothing is too much trouble for Peter. I cannot contemplate that I will ever look for anyone else to look after my magnification needs.”

Peter Kertesz, London