Price List

When calculating a price you need to Choose Frame + Loupe + Spectacle Lens

Prices for EyeMag Smart loupes and EyeMag Light on request

K Bino TTL

K Bino TTL £2050.00

G 2.5 TTL Loupes complete with Zeiss frame

STMS FRAME £1254.00
Extra for Rx lenses to carrier £200.00
Extra for Rx lens to loupes £200.00
SPORTS FRAME complete £1495.00
Clip-on Rx £200.00

GTX Loupes [Loupes Cost Only]

2x Magnification £725.00
2.5x Magnification £890.00


SG Range - 103/104/106/303 £75.00
Zeiss Titan £195.25

Spectacle Lens

Only Zeiss Coated Lenses are fitted £125.00

K Loupes

K Loupe complete with Titan Frame £1,475.50

Saphiro Light Source

Light Source complete with case £950.00
Extra Battery £190.00
Frame Adaptor £75.00