ZEISS Dental Loupes and Surgical Loupes

Every Detail Matters

- with ZEISS precision dental loupes and surgical loupes you won’t miss a thing.

Get an eye for even the finest detail with all the technical features required for optimum visual performance – whatever the task and whatever the situation. Surgical and dental procedures require optimum magnification and the correct lighting conditions to achieve crucial levels of accuracy and consistency.

Who better to trust with reaching those levels than Carl Zeiss Vision, globally renowned for the latest innovation technology in the world of optics as well as clinical and surgical magnification. The same excellence runs through ZEISS dental loupes and surgical loupes that runs through ZEISS leading edge spectacle lenses, microscopes and high performance telescopes.


All dental loupes and surgical loupes are mounted with straight sides and an elasticised adjustable headband, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit to practically any head shape or size, whilst maintaining the ideal viewing position for the most comfortable and accurate magnification solution.


Superb image quality and large fields of view give you the optimum overview of the work area, with a high-contrast, totally distortion-free image. ZEISS dental loupes and surgical loupes are ideal for many applications in medicine and technology, providing ergonomic working conditions thanks to ideal matching of magnification and working distances.

In addition, you can choose to benefit from the combination with enhanced lighting conditions, thanks to the optional addition of Coaxial LED illumination.


ZEISS dental loupes and surgical loupes are made-to-measure, with all individual centring data taken into consideration and exact fitting of the system into the carrier lenses. Get maximum ease-of-use without the need to make adjustments. The special feature of these dental and surgical loupes is that both the eyepiece lens and carrier lens are available in prescription form – perfectly adapted to your specific working requirements.

Make your everyday working life easier with the ZEISS dental loupes and surgical loupes.

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